Homestead Journeyman League – Pre-League Planning: Mapping the Path

Previously, I discussed my small group deciding to run an “at home” Journeyman League. I also discussed that I wanted to work to a full Constance Blaize list. This time around, let’s talk about how I am going to get there. In doing this Journeyman league, I don’t want to …

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Private Journeyman League

During our game time last night (01/04/15), we decided that it would be a blast to do our own personal Journeyman league. We plan to expand the timetable to fit the needs of our busy lives. The overall idea we have is fantastic! Here is what we came up with, and …

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Fighting Gamer Burnout

Edvard Munch - The Scream

There is likely that time in every gamer’s year that you want to play or paint or assemble, or make terrain, but you don’t really want to do any of those things either. You are suffering burnout, but you still love the game or activity that you are avoiding at …

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