Daredevil Review: Episode One – Into the Ring

Marvel has a new hit. Daredevil is not like anything you have seen from Marvel Cinematic Universe. There aren’t flying hammers or shields. No Repulsors or big green avatars of anger. There is darkness. And plenty of it.

Based partially on the “Man Without Fear” storyline written by Frank Miller, of the comic by the same name, Daredevil takes a much more personal look at an area of New York City called Hell’s Kitchen and even ties it to the Avengers movie by discussing the rebuilding of New York after the Battle of New York that happened in the first Ensemble film. It is filled with crime and corruption.

Matt Murdock and his friend Foggy Nelson open their new law firm while Matt fights crime as the masked vigilante. Only one hook. Matt Murdock is blind. Daredevil has heightened senses making up for his lack of vision and they do a great job of portraying that ability without making it obvious or going overboard. You can see how he “sees” his surroundings in the fight scenes and even a few dialog scenes that benefit from that superhuman ability.

The choreography of the fight scenes is both fluid and brutal and very fitting of the overall feel of the show. Murdock takes his lumps and manages to come out on top.

If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a HUGE favor.

Watch it.

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