August 2015 Warmachine & Hordes Errata

While there are plenty of aggitated players out there, I think the resounding feeling is that these changes are very needed.

Errata doc can be found here:…Aug%202015.pdf, but here are the major changes.

– Shake Effects
Blind and Shadow Bind have been added to the effects that you can shake with a focus or fury.

-Pack Fury
Brings the warbeast packs in line with warbeasts to prevent you from gaining fury from killing warbeast pack models with friendly model.

– Major Victoria Haley (Haley2)
Changed Major Haley’s feat so that the Haley player no longer chooses the order of activation for models/units.

– Major Prime Victoria Haley (Haley3)
Changed the wording of Temporal Flux to clarify that it grants the unit and friendly Faction models within 5″ of one or more models in the unit +2 DEF.
Changed Time Projection to clarify how Haley Past and Haley Future can allocate focus and use arc nodes.

– Flank
Fixed Flank on Trench Buster and Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye to prevent them from flanking with themselves.

– Bone Shaker
Asphyxious the Hellbringer (Asphyxious3) and Calaban the Grave Walker have been updated so the wording of Bone Shaker is consistent across all models.

– Pistol Wraith
Death Chill was changed to stationary to allow a model with Focus: Shake Effect or Fury: Shake Effect to remove the effect.

– Thyron Sword of Truth
Added duration to the feat.

– Mountain King
Gained Assault.

– Siege Animantarax
Rage Tokens can be gained from friendly attacks. Rage Tokens can be used to boost any attack or damage roll.

– Archangel
Draconic Aura changed from Righteous Flames to causing Continuous Fire to enemy models within 2”

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