The Stories Behind the Games

Skull Island eXpeditions has been hard at work cranking out more novels, novellas and short stories than you might know what to do with all that fluff.

Well… Read it!

Instuments of War

Since their very successful launch with a highly lauded look at Mekeda’s beginnings in The Warlock Sagas: Instruments of War, along with a tough and gritty tale with a WWI feel to it in Dogs of War: The Devil’s Pay that focuses on the Devil Dogs, and finally what will easily become your favorite two mercenaries of all time, Taryn di la Rovissi and Rutger Shaw, an Indiana Jones pulp adventure novella called Exiles in Arms: Moving Targets.

They continued with a meriad of other releases including follow ups to The Warlock Saga and Warcaster Chronicles (the line debuted with The Way of Caine), and another Exiles in Arms book. Out of all of the new releases, one of my favorites was an anthology called Called to Battle Volume One. It featured short stories for a number of characters including what I felt was the stand out of the book, Under the Shadow. Written by Orrin Grey and focusing on Gerlak Slaughterborn, it was a creepy tale that chronicled his hijacking a ship and making his way home to the Nightmare Empire of Cryx. It also featured 3 other stories featuring Warmachine notable Arlan Strangeways, Kell Bailloch, and Narn.

Well, color me excited that the latest edition of this series was released just last week. Called to Battle: Volume Two! Check out the byline for the book:

Called to Battle: Volume Two

The Iron Kingdoms is a land dominated by mighty warcasters, arcanists who command the terrifying war machines called warjacks. While these epic figures lead armies and shape the futures of their nations, other powerful individuals, no less skilled, forge their own destinies in steam and steel.

Called to Battle: Volume Two is a collection of stories focused on the Iron Kingdoms’ greatest heroes, its skilled mercenaries, and even the horrifying villains who haunt its darker reaches.

  • Journey with High Paladin Dartan Vilmon as he and his paladins fight their way across western Immoren on a most holy mission in “Conviction” by Steve Diamond.
  • Witness the infamous alchemist and inventor Gorman di Wulfe use his staggering intellect to try to escape the consequences of a murder accusation in “A Casualty of Science” by Matt Forbeck.
  • Trace the origins of one of the most feared members of the pirate ship Talion, the sawbones and ship’s cook known as Doc Killingsworth, in “Flesh & Bone” by Chris A. Jackson.
  • Discover the terrifying surgical augmentations of the enigmatic creatures called the Cephalyx as they perform their ghoulish experiments on a captured squad of Cygnaran trenchers in “Mind Over Matter” by Howard Tayler.

These stories draw you deeper into the war-torn landscape of western Immoren and the Iron Kingdoms, where heroes, villains, and those somewhere in between find themselves Called to Battle.

And again, at only $4.99, it is a bargain of Full Metal Fantasy goodness.

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