2015 Journeyman Rules Now Available

Journeyman League Patch

Journeyman League Patch

Updated Journeyman league rules are now available for download! Updates include all-new battlegroups for each faction. Ask your local retailer about their next Journeyman league!

The Journeyman league for WARMACHINE and HORDES is Privateer Press’ official slow-grow league. This league is designed to encourage new players to begin learning the game with their chosen faction’s battle box and then expand their collection over the course of six weeks. The Journeyman league rewards both the player’s in-game victories and their skill with a brush. In fact, eager hobbyists can enter the league and score points just for assembling and painting their models!

Over the course of six weeks, players compete for prizes by earning league points. There are three types of league points: game points, hobby points, and journeyman points. Game points are earned for playing against other players in the league using that week’s rules, hobby points are earned for painting models, journeyman points are the sum of game points and hobby points.

Download the new rules at http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/leagues/journeyman-league-rules.

In it you will find all of the Holiday Bundles plus an entry for Puppet Masters like these.

Puppet Masters
• Exulon Thexus
• Subduer
• Wrecker

Convergence of Cyriss
Alternative (example Holiday Bundle)
• Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis
• Assimilator
• Monitor

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