August 2015 Warmachine & Hordes Errata


While there are plenty of aggitated players out there, I think the resounding feeling is that these changes are very needed. Errata doc can be found here:…Aug%202015.pdf, but here are the major changes. – Shake Effects Blind and Shadow Bind have been added to the effects that you can …

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Daredevil Review: Episode One – Into the Ring


Marvel has a new hit. Daredevil is not like anything you have seen from Marvel Cinematic Universe. There aren’t flying hammers or shields. No Repulsors or big green avatars of anger. There is darkness. And plenty of it. Based partially on the “Man Without Fear” storyline written by Frank Miller, …

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The Stories Behind the Games

Skull Island X

Skull Island eXpeditions has been hard at work cranking out more novels, novellas and short stories than you might know what to do with all that fluff. Well… Read it! Since their very successful launch with a highly lauded look at Mekeda’s beginnings in The Warlock Sagas: Instruments of War, along …

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The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers | Privateer Press


Wild-eyed sailors tell a tale of the nefarious pirate ship Devil’s Shadow and its mysterious disappearance. Of the ship’s crew, only three souls ever returned, now guided by some unseen evil. This trio disperses as quickly as an ill wind, staying only long enough to form contracts with desperate men. …

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Privateer Press 2015 Organized Play Updates

Organized Play Banner

Today’s Privateer Insider announces and discusses the brand new Steamroller tournament rules for 2015. Instead of the normal link to the article, I think the formats are important enough to copy wholesale and paste into this article. Here it is with links to the documents presented at the bottom:   …

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